Tea of Tisbury



A long walk

and grasses of far, far home

the loneliness

and the scent of familiar taste;


the old trees are waving –

they welcome my sadness

and embrace my soul of the traveller.


Path leads me by the cathedral

and the long-distant memories take me to the castle

where ladies and lords

smile elegantly with a bow

and place me sit in the garden

right below.


Birds heard from the trees

how sad my destiny is,
they sang and flew
and then, out of the blue,
a gentleman approaches
and a cup of tea
made for him and for me.

The raven,
a stark-raving madman
oh, how I wish to
reveal this veil
but, then again, this illusion
(what else it could be?)
must stop and each soul
has to reach its own destiny!

Oh, dear Tisbury,
have mercy, take a look at me!
I’ll be here again to refill
that cup of tea,
for the lord

and for me.




Autorka: Ljiljana Samardžić

Fotografije: favim.com

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