Cold, but I still feel

The menace in your eyes

To my surprise

You wanted lies

To realize

That block of steel

Was nothing

Like your will

To carry on

With loss of sense

And all this suspense

That breaks apart

Our numbered days


Like a poisonous dart

Stuck in the leg

Of a dying animal

Alone, in the woods

Where the leaves fall

And the streams still flow

I want to know

How can you sleep


That I’ll always stand tall

When you strike the final blow


But, yet, what I don’t get is

Should I be calmed?

Or petrified?

By the silence of the longest night

Between your ears

That like a blight

Burns the sound

Of my inner music

And spears the might

That left you satisfied

That you once found



There was a blue, I know

Inside of you

That could show

My blacks

My whites

My yellows

There was a force, I know

Inside of me

So fiercely strong

Which you never saw

That could right all wrongs

And lighten your mellows


And with this plot

Being written

By the hands

Of the fate unknown

I will stand

In the same spot


With the thought

Is there something else

To be shown?


Feel free to ask

For I shall not tell

The lies you wish to hear

Once again

Cause you know

I can’t leave

For I’m under your spell

And each time

You feel like dying

You’ll play this card

With no regard

To your dignity

And you’ll play it well


Autor: Marko Trifković

Photo by: Oscar Keys on Unsplash

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