I know your kind. I met you before.

I can see through your mask.  And I know one when I see one.

Your thick skin is there just to hide and protect the soft flesh beneath.

You’ve been hurt. You’ve been mistreated. You’ve suffered. People have betrayed your trust.  And since you’re vindictive by nature, you wanted to get even with them. You wanted so bad to hurt them back, to make them suffer like you did.  But, due to your self-destructiveness, you ended up only hurting yourself again. And it almost cost you everything.

That’s why you don’t trust anyone and run as fast as you can as soon as you sense the danger of getting close to someone again. You simply vanish, like a scorpion in the desert sand, safe and sound in the dark place deep underground. All alone.

But, the truth is – you’re craving for someone who’ll see through all this and won’t get intimidated or scared away by your strong and overpowering appearance. You’re dreaming of someone who is stubborn and persistent enough to get through your hard shell and bring to the light of the day the pearl of your soul you’ve been hiding for so long (because every shell has one).

And it is love that you seek and want, just like we all do, and you, too, dream of someone walking by your side and holding your hand through eternity. You, too, want someone who will make you feel loved and safe, appreciated, admired and respected for who you are.

You’re just frightened, that’s all.

And it’s ok, we all are.



Autorka: Tanja Spasojević

Fotografije: pinterest.com

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  • Lela
    Objavljeno 16:31h, 11 jula Odgovori

    Istina rečena na krajnje divan način 🙂

    • T.S.
      Objavljeno 16:57h, 11 jula Odgovori

      Hvala. 🙂

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